Create an authentic and engaged community

Influencer marketing is designed to tap into an existing community of people engaged on social media.

Influencers are specialists in their niche. Plus, these people influence an audience you are trying to reach.

Primarily, influencers act as a mutual friend that connects your brand to your target consumers.

Plus, an influencer approval has the power to drive traffic to your site, amplify your message on social media platforms, and even directly sell your product through their recommendation.

"A return to authenticity and measure"

Influencer marketing should be honest and genuine.

An influencer should talk about your product not because they get paid to do it, but because they want to.

This is where we come in, we select the most relevant influencers based on the theme of their content on social networks.

Indeed, since the rise of social networks, we have entered the heart of an era where the mass of information reigns, consumers are sensitive to the recommendation of a person in whom they trust a person they consider as a competent and reliable expert.

Unlike celebrities, consumers sympathize with influencers because of the valuable content they create on a specific topic (travel, beauty, food, etc.)

Influencers are content creators, thought leaders, and (more or less) experts in their fields who sell their reach and content on social media platforms to brands.

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